Are You Considering Renovating Your Home Or Office and Need a New Idea?

When we first think about renovating our home or office, we all think about the colour scheme and how to blend in our furniture and accessories without having to go through the expense of replacing our precious furniture.
Choosing the paint is often the most time consuming part of the project, I know, I’ve been there many times with tester pots, thumbing through magazines looking for fresh new ideas and different shades of colour.
Once you have chosen the ideal paint you have to then look for a reliable painter & decorator who will do a great job and who is reasonably priced. This is another time consuming exercise which can take weeks and relying that the quotes are all like for like.
Thankfully, there is another alternative to the traditional painter & decorators and one that many home owners often overlook. That is to consider having your walls spray painted in a rich satin finish to any colour you choose including Pantone colours and colours from the popular paint brands from the DIY store.
By professionally spray painting your walls and ceilings, you will get a lovely deep colour covering with no brush marks, no left behind brush hairs and no drips on the floor. This can also be applied to the outside of your home or office offering a very quick and cost effective alternative to traditional roller painting.
Of course, you can always go one step further and have your windows, radiators, conservatory and kitchen spray painted at the same time in a homely colour coordinated fashion which will last for years.
So what type of material can be spray painted? Well, pretty much anything really including uPVC, aluminum, metal, wood, concrete, brickwork and plaster.
Spray painting your property will offer a phenomenal 5 year guarantee on the paint fading and 10 years guarantee for the paint peeling, which is a guarantee no painter & decorator will ever match.
The process for the paint spraying service is quite straight forward, easy to work around and very clean. The painting specialists will visit your property at the allotted time to clean down the surfaces with a special bonding solution and then mask up the windows, doors and / or walls depending on the work that needs completing. They will then spray paint to the requirements of the customer allowing the paint to be touch dry within 2 minutes. Please be aware that a good 24 hours should be allowed for the paint to fully dry.
It would also be worth considering spray painting other objects of your property during the renovation works such as the garage building and door/s, any outdoor rendering including the garden wall/s, entrance gates, doors & windows and even your conservatory. Many customers like to have their kitchen doors spray coated and match in the kitchen appliances and radiators – the list is almost endless.
Any spray painting service is not limited to residential properties. You will more often see paint spraying of shop fronts, office blocks, sports halls, factories etc.

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