Several Trick of Getting Nice Snapshot While Taking Subway

Snapshot becomes more and more popular to city’s people especially the young men. Subway, at the same time, is an important material. Many people need to take the subway every day. In fact it is really a convenient mean of transportation and also a great material for snapshot.

Just like the street snap, the subway snap need the observation. You need to carefully look around and find the interesting details as well as some tricks. Below are the experiences of mine, maybe they are helpful for you.

Shooting others’ face

There are kinds of people in the subway. Some of them rush to work while others are at rest. We can use the camera to record them. If you are using the telephoto, it would be too strokes, so a 50mm standard lens is capable. Attention that not everyone likes to be photographed and try to respect others intensions.

Using special lenses

If you want to shoot in the subway, you can take 1-3 lenses. The following are my recommendations:

50mm large aperture fixed focus lens (use 35mm if APS-C). It is easy to master and large aperture also very suitable for shooting in dim subway and easier for shooting charming shallow depth of field. What’s more the 50mm fixed focus lens is also very lightweight.

Fisheye lens. Fisheye lens can provide up to angle of 180-degree, it is suitable for shooting scene in the narrow circumstances. The special twisted effect of fisheye lens is also special.

18-105 mm standard zoom lens, this standard zoom kit lens is very convenient and cover almost from nearby to distance, but the aperture generally thin, be careful whether the shutter speed can meet the safety shutter. If necessary, turn up the ISO.

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Adjust the color to your expectation.

Some subways are very old while others are some very modern. You can adjust the white balance or post-production to change the color for expressing different feelings.

Snap it like Lomo

It is not necessary to always think about the composition, try to be close to the subject and cut the photo to square. It would be a good idea.

Take good use of slow shutter

You can bring a tripod to take the running train, and then slow down the shutter speed, record the dynamic train. Using the passengers as the foreground will be great as the contrast between the passengers and the train.

Choose your composition angle

Don’t try to take everything into the photo, it will let the composition confusion, even the viewers don’t know what you want to express. You can try to let the photo contains only one or two elements, and then look for a special position.

In fact, to myself, I always prefer to make a photo album or even video album of the photos. Want to make you own videos? You need the help of some video editors. Want to know solution of converting wmv to mp4? Maybe this wmv to mp4 converter mac can help you.